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Shopping with the christmas money

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful christmas/weekend! I got some goodies for christmas, and some money.  Here’s what I bought with some of my money:

New swea-tah

Lots of stuff was on sale at Zara!  I wanted to get some pants but sadly they didn’t have my size 😦

The rest of the stuff was makeup (I have a problem with buying too much makeup)

I see a purple theme here..

The new MAC collections came out today! Obviously I had to get something…

Cream-color base from the Stylishly Yours collection!

This one can’t be used on your eyes, but I think it’s a super-pretty color for lips and cheeks!

I got a new concealer too:

I’ve been using eyeshadow primer as concealer recently.  I’ve heard good things about this, so I can’t wait to try it out!

How cute is it that it comes with instructions?

I got a purple lipgloss (literally, all my lip glosses are pink).  I LOVE this color!  I’ll admit it’s probably not the best color for me (it’s kind-of dark), but it would look beautiful if you had darker skin (I’m pretty white, haha.)

NARS lipgloss in Downtown

Last thing- White mascara!

I bought this because I have a purple mascara (What is with all this purple?!) and you can’t see it when I wear it because my lashes are too dark.  Hopefully, this will help!

That’s what I got! Have a nice week guys!